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Sinful Ordinance

Sinful Ordinance is a social politics board game created in collaboration with two of my colleagues. For this project, we were instructed to design a game given certain restraints, namely, the game had to be a hell-themed prison escape game that incorporated character sheets and elements of coopetition. These guidelines gave our team an interesting frame work to work in and provided unique design challenges that we had to overcome in turn.

After numerous design iterations and a number of sweeping system overhauls, we arrived at a game that featured highly dynamic scenarios for varied player politics, alternative win conditions, and powerful limited-use abilities that could swing the tide of the game. My main focus in the production of Sinful Ordinance was in prototyping, ability/character design, balancing, and documentation, while my peers focused on art assets, such as our custom dice, character sheet and board design.

Design Document