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Tetris Block

Tetris Block

Tetris Block was initially created as a study on procedural generation and pathfinding algorithms, but as development continued, I quickly realized that with some tuning and balancing, Tetris Block could easily become a compelling action-puzzle game.

The objective of the game is to delay the small red enemy unit from reaching its target, the black square until the timer runs out. To this end, the player places tetrominoes on the playing field to create an intricate maze for the enemy to navigate. 

The playing field in Tetris Block is a graph data structure which updates dynamically based on blocks placed on the field, and the enemy unit uses a homemade pathfinding algorithm based on breadth-first search. The tiles given to the player are generated using the classic tetris "bag" system and the Fisher-Yates shuffle to create controlled randomness.

Tetris Block is still in its early iterations - moving forward I hope to further balance the game and add juice in the form of audio-visual improvements. A mobile port is also in the works, as I feel the game would work nicely on the platform.

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